Heaven is Real for All of Us (English Edition) por Hope Reynolds

Titulo del libro : Heaven is Real for All of Us (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 17, 2014
Autor : Hope Reynolds
Número de páginas : 30
Editor : Proof of Heaven Publishing, a division of Yes, Heaven is Real Publishers
Heaven is Real for All of Us (English Edition) por Hope Reynolds

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Hope Reynolds con Heaven is Real for All of Us (English Edition)

Heaven is for real – and we know it. My gifted daughter Aimee is heaven sent, and what she tells me is all the proof of heaven that I need. Do you want to learn what heaven is really like? Why are we here? On this planet, we are supposed to be creating a version of heaven on Earth. Aimee and I see angels, we hear angels, and are able to receive and convey information from the other side. If you want the true facts about heaven, you've come to the right place.

Heaven is Real for All of Us by Amazon Best Selling Author Hope Reynolds - Check back often as Hope, Aimee, and their Spirits are currently releasing a new book every month! This book is also available in the Heaven is Real Trilogy if you'd like to purchase Earth Angel, Heaven is Real for All of Us, and Real Heaven together.

Want to learn more about heaven from someone who really knows? Do angels really have wings? Learn about reincarnation and your life’s true purpose. Is fate pre-determined or can we change it? Are prophets real? How do our beliefs shape our lives? Do regular people have interactions with angels and spirits? Filled with personal stories and detailed information about heaven, Hope's books about Heaven are literally changing lives. All this and more is included in Hope Reynolds’ book, “Heaven is REAL for all of us.” Also, feel free to check out her September 2014 release, "Real Heaven" and the January 2015 release, "Heaven: Through Pearly Gates."

Hope’s daughter, Aimee was born in the Year 2000. When she began telling vivid stories of heaven and speaking with angels, her mother was surprised. One day, Aimee pointed at a large round clock up on the wall about thirty feet away. The hands on the clock immediately began spinning forward. With a flick of her wrist, the hands on the clock changed direction and started whirling backwards. Aimee looked at her mother and asked, “Do you believe me now, Mommy?”

Table of Contents

Angels Don’t Have Wings
That’s Them, Mom!
Sometimes Earth Sucks
Spirit Energy
Your Next Reincarnation Depends on You
If You Like Counseling…
You Have a Contract
What is Your Life Purpose?
Return to Where You Want to Be
Fate is Really Complicated…
Belief Can Change Things
Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
More Power Can Make You Sick
Reincarnations are…Different
More on Edgar Cayce
Clouds Do Have a Silver Lining
The Moon Has a Personality
Itchy Palms
Spirits and Angels Don’t Know Everything
The Heavens Love the Humans
You Should Go Inside Now
Papa Bob’s Outside
The Number 11
On Eternity

A portion of the proceeds from all of Hope's book sales goes to purchase flocks of chicken and geese for impoverished families around the world through Heifer International.

Hope Reynolds' books in order of publication are: What is Heaven?, What is Heaven II, Heaven: There's Light at the End of the Tunnel, Earth Angel, Heaven is Real for All of Us, Real Heaven, and Heaven: Through Pearly Gates.

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